Full Board (Includes) 12x12 Stall in Main Barn, Auto Water, Rubber Mats, Hay, Grain, Shavings, Stall Cleaned regularly, daily turnout, blanketing and appropriate boots for turnout (purchased at owners expense) use of arenas, lounge, wash area, private tack closet.
Pasture Board (Includes) Grain and Hay one time a day when needed. General drive thru check on horses every day. Use of facility including, lounge, tack area, wash area, arenas and pasture rides.
$285 unavailable at this time
Half Horse Lease(includes) Barn 2 Board, grain two times daily and hay, daily turnout, use of horse in lesson and first priority for shows. Limit of 4 free rides per week, as long as not conflicting with horses lesson program. Half of regular Farrier and Veterinary Fees(separate fee and will be applied as needed)
$200 in Barn 2, $285 if horse lives in Main Barn.
Full Horse Lease (includes) all Full Board amenities and full use of horse and unlimited personal rides and showing.
Lesson Fees
Lessons ( Lessons are billed on a pre-pay basis)

Dori Bishop                                                           On Own/Leased Horse                    On Lesson Horse
Group Lesson (3-5 students)                                              $35                                                 $40
30min-Private Lesson (1 student)                                       $35                                                 $40
Private Lesson (1 student)                                                  $55                                                 $60

JESSICA BARAN                                               On Own/Leased Horse                            On Lesson Horse
Group Lesson ( 3-5 students)                                                       $35                                                        $40
30 min Private (1 student)                                                            $35                                                        $40
Private Lesson (1 student)                                                            $55                                                        $60
Chelsea Cates
Alayna Yarck​                                                    
On Own/Leased Horse                     On Lesson Horse
Group Lesson (3-5 students)                                                        $35                                                       $40
30min-Private Lesson (1 student)                                                $35                                                       $40
Private Lesson (1 student)                                                            $55                                                       

​​Emily Pink                                                             
On Own/Leased Horse                      On Lesson Horse
Private Lesson (1 student)                                                          Ask   ?                                               Ask  ?

Equine Training is available upon request at $35 per ride.
Show Fees
$40 Coaching Per Day Per Student
$20 Half Day Care at away shows(includes) setup, feeding, mucking, unwrapping, and medication administered.
$50 Full Day Care at away Shows(includes) all half day care, plus grooming, tacking up, wrapping, lunging, and unbraiding.
$20 Show Trim (included) ears, bridle path, muzzle, cornet band and fetlocks trimmed.
$15 Mane Pulling
$30 Braiding (subject to outside braiders and $ may change)
$15 Banding (subject to outside banders and $ may change)
$15 per day use of Holly Valley Lesson Horse at horse show if not leasing.
$10 Bathing
$100 per month Fully Groomed (includes) horse fully groomed four times per week and horse kept "Show Prep" ready.
***These optional fees are if needed and will be performed by an HV employee.
Miscellaneous Fees
$10 Handling Fee ( an hourly fee with Veterinarian, Farrier, illness)
$5 + Prepare and administer medications or wrap legs per occurrence(price increase depending on injury)
$10 Hand Walking fee & special care fee per hour
$25 min. Hauling/Shipping Fee (50 cents per mile loaded/unloaded when outside of county)
$10 loading/unloading packed equipment without owner assistance
$20 practice Ride on a Lesson Horse for 1 hour
$20 Daily Facility Use (includes) arenas, cross country course, and wash area.
*****$50 fee for all Returned Checks*******
Fee Sheet 2016/2017