Riding Waiver and Agreement 2020/2021
WARNING: Under Ga. Law an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for the injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title4 of the Official Code of Ga. Annotated. ************************************************************************************************
I, the undersigned riding student or the legal guardian of a minor riding student, hereby agree that, Holly Valley Equestrian Center LLC, hereinafter referred to as HVEC, LLC, contracted workers, employees, equine owner, 379 Cleveland Hwy, lessor of property and sub-lessor of property/facility.; and/or spectators shall not be responsible for any damages, accident, injury, death and/or theft to any spectator, student, and/or student s mount with regard to any riding lessons conducted on the premises where HVEC, LLC conducts business.
​The undersigned realizes that working with and around horses involves considerable risk. Therefore, the undersigned agrees to waive, release, indemnify and hold harmless HVEC,LLC, its owners, contracted workers, contracted instructors, leased horses and their owners, ponies or animals on the property, living at, visiting, or boarding at the facility and any associated land owners from any claims or demands for damages, injury, death, or theft to any person or property resulting from said student s activities on the premises where HVEC, LLC conducts business.
​I, the undersigned, also understand that as a students, prospective equine purchaser and/or spectator, I am not covered under any HVEC, LLC insurance policy. Nor am I interested in making any claims against HVEC, LLC. Instead, I agree to be covered for any damages, accident, injury, death and/or theft by my own insurance policy and/or by my minor s insurance policy, or risk no coverage at all.
​I, the undersigned also give HVEC, LLC and/or its representatives the authority to call me or said minor to receive medical treatment, if necessary. Therefore, I provide below my insurance for any costs arising from this medical treatment.
​As a participant in any HVEC, LLC activity, I agree to follow any and all rules specified by HVEC, LLC and/or its representatives, as well as those implied by prudent equine standards.
​​In addition, I agree to the following:1. Pay in full at the beginning of each month, unless otherwise arranged;
​                                                                                                            2. Pay in full for scheduled lesson that I have cancelled without 24-hour notice of cancellation; or make                                                                                                                   it up if you miss a lesson due to illness/vacation, etc .you are responsible to schedule a makeup lesson.                                                                        If you cannot or do not schedule a makeup, you forfeit your lesson payment.
                                                                                                             ​3. Should bad weather arise, the instructor has full discretion either to hold an unmounted lesson or to                                                                                          reschedule the lesson. Instructors are responsible for rescheduling cancelled lessons. 

​Holly Valley Equestrian Center,LLC | 379 Cleveland Hwy| Clermont GA 30527|678-997-4998

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